30 November 2021,   03:38
"Biased attitude" -Prosecutor of Cyanide case responds to Ombudsman`s report

One of the prosecutors of the case, Jarji Tsiklauri, responds to the Public Defender`s monitoring report on cyanide case. The prosecutor wrote that the Public Defender had a biased attitude from the very beginning.

From February 15 to March 2, 2017, he had been deliberately spreading false information. In particular, he alleged he could not receive requested case materials from the Chief Prosecutor"s Office, but at the same time, he publicly stated that there were significant violations in the case, whereas his request was received by the Prosecutor"s Office of Georgia on March 2.

His groundless criticism indicates his deep incompetence. He said that the prosecution did not conduct a number of investigative acts and did not gain additional evidence that the lawyers considered necessary. I would remind the Public Defender that the Code of Criminal Procedure and the European Court of Human Rights guarantees the adversarial principle, which implies full freedom of the defense to conduct any investigative action independently from the prosecution. Giorgi Mamaladze"s interests were defended by six lawyers and none of them had ever applied to the Prosecutor"s Office for the conduct of any investigative action and/or examination.

I would like to point out that no one, including the Public Defender, has the right to interfere with the activities and of the Prosecutor"s Office and indicate which investigative action should be conducted and which should not”, said Jarji Tsiklauri.

The judge expresses hope that the Public Defender will objectively fulfill his duties in accordance with the requirements of the law, will listen to the position of both parties, will not interfere with the activities of the court and will not raise incompetent questions.