04 July 2022,   03:47
Noise and Confrontation at Prosecutor`s Office - Victims of fire in "Children"s World" Hold Rally

Victims of fire in "Children"s World" have been holding a rally at the Prosecutor"s Office for the second day. Traders demand the resignation of Irakli Shotadze, the chief prosecutor. The rally against the main investigative agency is quite noisy .

Patrol police officers and protesters are gathered at the scene. Emergency medical assistance was also needed at the site.

According to the lawyer of the victims, Shotadze"s office is not investigating the case and hence he should resign.

Victims of "Children"s World" have been protesting against the Chief Prosecutor"s Office of Georgia for the second day. They demand the resignation of Irakli Shotadze. They also demand initiation of a criminal case against the joint stock company "Children"s World" and full reimbursement of their losses, which is already estimated at 9 million Lari.