30 November 2021,   22:38
Russia continues borderization process on occupied territories

Russia continues borderization process in the occupied territories. The fence has been installed between villages of Koda and Chvirinisi. The locals were left without pastures and forest. Fearing that they may be kidnapped by Russian militaries , they try not to leave the village.

Newly seized territories and illegal borderization were among the main topics of the meeting held yesterday in Ergneti, However, the representatives of the State Security Service was unanswered.

The opposition believes that the information provided by the authorities to international organizations is nit enough. They state that Russian occupation should be more active in the international agenda.

Until Russian occupiers try to circumscribe the occupied territory with an iron fence, citizens of Georgia - a married couple has been detained on the second occupied territory with allegation of crossing a non-existing border illegally.