30 November 2021,   04:22
"The situation is not explosive" -Lary course has become a reason for debate among Georgian Dream members

The depreciation of the national currency was one of the main issues discussed by the "Georgian Dream" members at the closed session of the faction. The discussion was quite noisy. Although journalists were not allowed to attend the session, the debate between the lawmakers was so intense that it was heard outside the hall. Gia Mikeladze, a representative of the ruling team, was especially active and described the situation as "explosive." He left the session ahead of time, but denied any kind of confrontation with his teammates.

"The situation is not explosive. I can not comment anymore. I"m talking about people"s problems. The new year is coming and the government is doing everything to stabilize the situation, "0 Gia Mikeladze,a member of the Georgian Dream said.