18 August 2022,   12:45
Tbilisi City Hall offers temporary shelter to people who were damaged by special operation

The Mayor of Tbilisi responded to the special operation in the Gabriel Salosi Street.

Kakha Kaladze expressed his sorrow over the death of a Special Forces squad menber during special operation.

According to him, the safety of citizens living nearby is now protected. Kakha Kaladze offered shelter to those people living in the area who suffered during the special operation and needed temporary shelter. He urged the persons with this need to apply to Isani Gamgeoba for registration.

"We ask the residents who request shelter to apply to Isani Gamgeoba in order to register them and transfer them to temporary residence," said Kakha Kaladze.

According to him, Isani Gamgeoba is working in emergency mode. Interested persons can contact Isani Gamgeoba number: 2 37 50 29, 599 53 70 40, also call 2 72 22 22 on the hotline of the City Hall.

We remind you that due to the special operation in Gabriel Salosi Street evacuation of the population from the buildings was carried .