18 August 2022,   10:57
Opposition has questions in regard to the special operation carried out in Tbilisi

The opposition has questions about the special operation, which was held in Tbilisi yesterday. The opposition wants to know, who were people liquidated yesterday, what were their goals, how have they entered the country, where from were armed and how it came to armed confrontation

According to United National Movement, the authorities do not inform people.

"Were they terrorists? Did they prevent a terrorist attack? why happened that this was an unplanned, unorganized special operation, during which a member of the Special Forces died and this was a huge tragedy, "said Khatia Dekanoidze, a member of United National Movement and noted that it is necessary to provide information on the identity of the victims to society.

"European Georgia" has questions as well.

" There are very legitimate questions that should be answered," Elene Khoshtaria said.