23 January 2022,   23:15
Theologians talk about threats of face-to-face dialogue on Abkhazia with Russian side of the Russian side

Part of theologians consider negotiations on the issue of Abkhazia in Moscow unacceptable. According to experts, face-to-face dialogue about occupied territories with the Russian Church is a threat and neutral parties should be involved in negotiations.

"It is possible to speak on some topics behind closed doors. The Georgian Church should not agree with the format of the dialogue on these issues created by the Russian Church,. The Georgian Church should be the initiator of such meetings and such meetings should be more extensive, " - said Vladimer Narsia.

The theologians say that dialogue is necessary, but that does not mean that the Georgian side should give in everything. As for the departure of the Synod members to the celebration of the restoration of the patriarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church, theologians do not consider it alarming.