17 May 2022,   12:20
Strong wind creates problems in Tbilisi

Unroofed buildings,unrooted trees, disconnected electricity and delayed flights - strong wind in Tbilisi caused problems. At this time, the Emergency Management Service has received about 330 calls .

The wind damaged by several buildings in Vaziani, the population is not supplied with electricity.

Didi Digomi was damaged by strong wind most of all. Several trees are unroofed, buildings are destroyed.

During the whole night, several districts of Tbilisi were not supplied with electricity. Bad weather has also been the reason of delayed flights in the international airport. Two flights from Tbilisi to Munich and Turkey were canceled.

According to the Tbilisi Mayor, damage caused by the disaster will be calculated in the nearest future.

Weather forecasters predict that the wind will be weakened at the end of the day.