22 May 2024,   05:41
According to lawyer, Giorgi Chanturia has not yet been charged

The lawyer of Giorgi Chanturia, from whose house 9 cartridges of Makarov pistol were seized as a result of the search said that her client had not been officially charged yet.

According to Ana Kekeladze, Chanturia has been charged under Article 236, which implies illegal possession of the cartridges. The search was conducted not at Giorgi Chanturia butat his parents" home.

According to the "Couriei" informs that Giorgi Chanturia is the person who saw last Samson Kutateladze before he was killed in his office in Rustavi last night. Chanturia was questioned about Kutateladze"s case, but later he was detained under a different article.