28 November 2023,   14:56
Consideration on merits of case of juveniles` murder underway in city court

The consideration on merits of the case on the murder of two juveniles in Khorava Street is underway in the City Court. The court will try to answer the inconsistency in the case. Today, the defense and the prosecution parties will address the court with introductory speeches.

According to lawyers, it is still unknown who the 10 other participants of the conflict are, whom the investigation mentiones not with the specific names but as "others".
The lawyer Ekaterine Macharashvili said that the investigation was not conducted objectively and noted that the defense side has questions to investigation.

Ekaterine Macharashvili does not rule out that the investigation is hindered due to particular individuals.

Lawyer Tariel Kakabadze disagrees with the ruling of the prosecution and says that it is far from reality. He also notes that testimony of witnesses in the case is mutually exclusive.
Tariel Kakabadze states that preliminary investigation took the wrong way and the established evidence is contradictory.

Prosecutor Zviad Pkhakadze states that during the trial the prosecution side will be able to prove that the murders were conducted only with these two knives.