30 November 2023,   22:26
Everybody Knows That My Son Is not a Terrorist - Family Responds to Scandalous Statement of Ruslan Aldamov

Family members of Ruslan Aldamov, detained for terrorism comment on recent developments. His mother states that her son never had a problem with the law.

Dali Aldamov recalls the night of the special operation and says that the riot police invaded into her house and detained her son on December 26. According to her, Ruslan Aldamov did not resist the law enforcers.

The cause of Ruslan Aldamov"s announcement that Special Forces killed Themilan Machilakashvili by mistake is not known by the family.

"Everyone knows that my son is not a terrorist. He has not committed any crime for 34 years, "says Dali Aldamov.

As for the connection with Akhmed Chataev, suspected in international terrorism, Dali Aldamov says that her son has never mentioned Chataev"s name.

In parallel, the locals demand to punish participants of the special operation in Duisi. They plan to hold a rally, while the elders plan to release a special statement.