30 November 2023,   22:27
"I"ve told Putin that separatism is contagious", - Patriarch of Georgia

Ilia II , the Patriarch of Georgia Ilia met with the Speaker of the National Assembly of Serbia today. At the meeting with Maja Gojkovic, Ilia II recalled his conversation with the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to the Patriarch, both countries have the same problem of territorial integrity and in this respect the cooperation and support of the international community is important.

"I had a meeting with Putin and I told him that separatism is contagious. This resulted in Abkhazia, Tskhinvali region and other regions, which are 20% of Georgian territory. We are facing the same problems, therefore it is necessary to help and support each other. I think that it will not continue forever and the situation will be improved by international forces, "the Georgian Patriarch said.

Maja Gojkovic expressed gratitude for Georgia"s policy of unrecognition of Kosovo and her support of Georgia"s territorial integrity.