26 May 2022,   18:59
Corruption, so called pay-backs and lobbying of clans-opposition with third sector demands revision of tender legislation

The opposition demands revision of law on procurement from the ruling party. The reason is corruption and poorly executed work created by operating system of tenders .

The former member of the Board of Disputes, says that the State Procurement Agency is one of the main sources of corruption, the so called pay-backs and lobbying of clans. Mamuka Tuskadze says that hundreds of millions of lari are distributed by specific officials according to who will take how much home.

Experts have already loudly argued that corruption has spread to the lower levels of public services due to the operating system. One of the major problems of the system is the participation of only one company in the competition, which later becomes the donor of the "Georgian Dream", which in the opinion of NGOs directly indicates to corruption deals.

Review of the tender legislation is not yet on the agenda, the Chairman of the Legal Committee of the Parliament made this statement. Eka Beselia explains that the parliament will change the legislation if the government addresses them with this initiative.