02 December 2021,   04:16
Control of public schools becomes stricter - rights of resources officers increase

Control in public schools becomes stricter. The six-point plan of the two state agencies will soon become a law. The rights of Resource Officers for protecting the security of the pupils increase . According to the bill, the number of video cameras on the internal and external perimeter of the educational institution will increase and the patrols will appear more often around schools. In case of conflict, resources officers will have the right to keep the teenager in a separate room until his parents arrive.

The draft law of the Ministry of Education states that a database will be created and the potential violator will be easily identified.

NGOs talk about the danger of police control in schools. According to their explanation, the bill should be improved to ensure that juveniles" rights are not limited. Psychologists also assess planned changes.

The draft law has already been criticized by opposition representatives. The parliamentary minority thinks that the government has made changes that it lifted itself five years ago.