26 October 2020,   12:18
Worker employed by " KvarelMsheni" is summoned to Police Department

A worker hired by " KvarelMsheni" is summoned to the Varketili Police Department after the story, broadcasted by " Courier" .
Davit Tabakhmelashvili, has been participating in the subway rehabilitation works for 5 months, told "Courier" that hat the works were carried out by violating security norms.
Reportedly the personnel has warned the company, However KvarelMsheni representatives were trying to hide defects in various ways.

"I was contacted by an investigator of Varketili Police Department, who wanted to interrogate me. I will go there today or tomorrow,"- Davit Tabakhmelashvili said.

The worker of "KvarelMsheni" claims that, like the Metro station "Varketili", the situation is difficult at the metro station "Akhmeteli Theater".