21 October 2020,   17:56
Police searches the house of the prosecutor"s former nanny

Law enforcers are in the house of the Prosecutor Milena Mitaishvili"s former babysitter. The police conducts a search operation in the house of Nino Bochorishvili. " P.S" aired a story about a controversy between Milena Mitaishvili and Nino Bochorishvili last Sunday. The nanny accuses the Prosecutor of threatening and degrading treatment.

Another former babysitter puts the same accusations on Milena Mitaishvili. Both babysitters claim that the Prosecutor was forcing them to testify against her former husband as if he used to physically abuse Milena Maitiashvili. However, both nannies refused to do so.

According to Nino Bochorishvili"s lawyer, the search is related to the accusations made by her client.

"This is an action which is directed towards intimidation because Nino Bochorishvili has exposed the prosecutor in such acts which include the signs of the crime," said Nana Bolkvadze, a lawyer.

Milena Mitaishvili addressed the Prosecutor"s Office to launch an investigation.

Law enforcers say that the search is based on a court ruling.