30 October 2020,   23:20
"I still feel that I made a fair decision on Rustavi2 case" - Natia Gujabidze

The judge of Rustavi2 was interviewed. Natia Gujabidze is one of those candidates who wants to be appointed as a lifetime judge.

After leaving the interview, Natia Gujabidze said that the members of the High Council of Justice did not have questions about Rustavi2 case but she made the explanations on this issue.

"The question of Rustavi2"s case was not raised by any member of the council. I was ready for such questions if there were any . I had been ready to answer for answers. However, I do not think any member of the council would have any right or desire to ask about it.. The norm which the court applied to Rustavi2 case was used by me in April 2014 and the reasoning was not the first one in our practice. I still believe that I made a fair decision. Taking into consideration my worldview, my experience and my past judicial activities, I could not make any other decision on this case, "said Natia Gujabidze.

Whether Natia Gujabidze will become judge for a lifetime, it will become known after the voting session is held in the Supreme Council. In total, 51 judges are willing to wear a mantle of judges.