26 October 2020,   12:09
Investigative actions are taking place in Mtaiashvili"s case in two directions - Irakli Shotadze

Chief Prosecutor Irakli Shotadze responds to current developments around the former colleague. It is about Milena Mitaishvili who is accused by former nannies of violence and threats. On the other hand, former prosecutor Milena Mitaishvili accuses Nino Bochorishvili of spreading information on her personal life. On the basis of her request, the search is going on in the house of Nino Bochorishvili.

Irakli Shotadze says that investigation works in two directions. In one case law enforcers are investigating the crime committed against Milena Mitaishvili herself. The second case concerns the nanny"s complaint where the investigating agency studies Milanese Mitaishvili"s case of committing a possible offense.

According to Irakli Shotadze, the official inspection was conducted on Milena Mitaishvili"s office, though she wrote a statement on resigning before the conclusion. Consequently, this finding is no longer published.