08 December 2021,   03:47
Moscow is using the threat of terrorism from Georgia as an excuse - an American analyst

Experts in Washington comment on the report published by the Soufan Center and the Global Strategy Network, which after the ISIS defeat, responded to the return of foreign fighters in their respective countries, including Georgia.

According to the American and Russian experts, after the defeat of the Islamic state in Syria and Iraq, Russia will use their return of Georgia for another provocation.

According to the report,from 200 fighters 50 fighters have returned to Georgia, and 50 remain in place.

"Georgia is a stable, successful country with good local governance and has strong religious and ethnic communities. I do not think this is a problem. 50 people is not a big number and can be monitored by the administration. In the past, the Russian government asserted that there were terrorists in Pankisi Gorge and elsewhere in Georgia. It was not a real threat, but Moscow used the threat of terrorism from Georgia as a pretext to tighten control over the border and introduce the restrictions on the borders between Georgia and the occupied territories, - "said Richard Weitz, an analyst from the Hudson Institute.

Andrei Pyantkovsky, an analyst, says that if no fighters retur back from Syria, it can not stop Russia from pressuring Georgia and from provocations.

"Russians hate Georgia and always try to damage the country. I do not know who will return. There may be units, but what will happen to their citizens, this is the business only of the government of Georgia. It is clear that the culprits should be arrested, but I am sure that no terrorists will be gathered in Georgia, "- said Andrei Pyantkovsky.