13 August 2022,   16:03
"Peace is more than war" - a large-scale rally against occupation in Freedom Square is planned

"Peace is more than war" - under big rally of this slogan is planned today at the Freedom Square, which will start at 6.30.pm. About fifty bars , restaurants and shops will be closed for two hours to express protest against occupation.

According to the organizer of the rally Tazo Datunashvili, the main reason for the protest is occupation, which is carried out by the Russian side against Georgia.

"We underlined that none of political organizations, interest groups, governmental or non-governmental organization will participate in the process of organizing this rally. This is a civil initiative from the beginning and we want to underline this. The main reason for the protest is the tragedy that
happened to Archil Tatunashvili and his compatriots who are unfortunately in the territory of Ossetia and Archil"s body is still not transferred to Georgia, " said Tako Datunashvili.

Another organizer of the rally Irina Tsagareishvili says that 12 cities of Georgia declare solidarity to the rally "Peace is more than war" and similar actions will be held in each of them.