12 August 2022,   15:08
Survey shows that about 15,000 women became victims of violence during pregnancy - UN research

According to a survey, about 15,000 became victims of violence during pregnancy. The main findings of the National Research on Violence against Women in Georgia say that 37% of victims of physical violence during pregnancy said that they were hit in the stomach during pregnancy.

According to the same survey, 64% of women who reported of beating during pregnancy say that the beating was part of the cycle of violence carried out by one and the same person. 6% said that violence was intensified during pregnancy.

The survey was conducted by UN Women, National Statistics Office of Georgia and European Union in 2017. 6 006 women aged 15-64 and 1 601 men aged 15-64 were interviewed across the country. Qualitative research included 47 meetings. The survey was carried out within the framework of the project Stop Violence against Women.