06 October 2022,   20:15
13 days since Archil Tutunashvili"s death - "Georgian Dream" declares that the government does everything to speed up the process

Thirteen days have passed since the death of Archil Tatunashvili - no additional explanations were made at the end of the day regarding the transfer of his body. According to the statement of the Russian Patriarchate, the body should be delivered to the family today or tomorrow after the completion of the forensic examination.

The Georgian Dream claims that the government does everything to speed up the process. In parallel, a small protest was held in Tskhinvali center yesterday. The gathering, including the so-called MP theof occupation regime said that Tatunashvili"s body should not be transferred to the family.

"Every effort is aimed at timely transfer of Archil Tatunashvili"s body, everything is done by the government, as well as the international community which is mobilized on this topic," said Sophio Katsarava, chairwoman of the Foreign Relations Committee.