28 January 2022,   00:38
Local forces were not sufficient to support the people, there was a very chaotic situation - an eyewitness in Gudauri

"I was about to take the lift for te second time and I saw that it started moving backwards. I approached exactly at the time when it picked up speed and started throwing out people, "- one of the tourists recalls the incident that took place in Gudauri.

Tourists say that in terms of security, there are many things to be improved in Gudauri, including tracks.

"Local forces were not sufficient to support the people, and there was a chaotic situation. I think that in two hours it was possible to bring special services by helicopters or cars by from Tbilisi and help people . To tell the truth, i have doubts about coming again... There are great questions about security. For a long time, it is important to note that this is a very bad track, which creates a special problem during the fog. It is not clear what the policemen are doing here, just skiing and resting, "-said the holidaymaker.

Investigation has already begun regarding the incident in Gudauri.International experts will investigate the case