12 August 2022,   09:41
In the country where the officials beat each other, will be injustice to sentence six young man,- Sandro Bregadze

The court will announce the decision regarding the detainees participating in the attack on "Rustavi 2" today. The trial of the so-called Georgian March starts at the moment. Six individuals are accused of attacking employees of "Rustavi 2". The guilt of two of them agrevated yesterday. The prosecution demands imprisonment for all six detainees.

The defense side considers that they have not committed a criminal offense and the demonstration was peaceful.

The detainees are already in the building of the City Court. Members of so-called Georgian March are going to attend the trial as well. Sandro Bregadze is between them.

Sandro Bregadze believes that there was no violent action against Rustavi 2 .

"In a country , where officials swear at each other and it is normal and beating at the sessions of parliament and City Councils has become ordinary process, I believe that will be absolutely unfair to imprison six young people," said Sandro Bregadze.

Representatives of so-called Georgian march say that if the detainees are not freed, they will announce their action plan.

called According to the members of the Georgian Marshall, if the judge does not release the detainees, the action plan will be introduced to the society after the end of the process.