14 August 2022,   05:35
Respondent of the "PS" speaks about the inaccuracy in spread information about drugs

The former employee of the Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance spoke about the protection of the pharmaceutical companies by the financial police who sell contraband and expired medicines.

Amiran Gamkrelidze as a shareholder of such a company, was named as the main hero of the story, which Gamkrelidze himself denies. We have checked this information and confirm that Amiran Gamkrelidze is not really part of the company"s shareholders.

That"s why we once again contacted the former employee of the Investigative Service, who called the information regarding the name of Amiran Gamkrelidze"s company as "technical inaccuracy".

"Amiran is not really a founder of" Health "or shareholders of any other company, and I would like to emphasize that all the other information provided by me is true," said Ivan Abesadze.