25 July 2024,   03:32
"Our further steps depend on what position the fraction and the majority will have" - Eka Beselia

Eka Beselia and her associates respond to the meeting of the so called new team of Georgian Dream held in Kachreti.As Beselia states she was not surprised that she was not informed about the meeting.
Beselia says that the future steps of her and her associates depend on what the so-called "new team" will decide on the list of judges.
Beselia is demanding the withdrawal of the 10-man list of the Supreme Court judges submitted by the High Council of Justice. .
"Our further steps depend on what position the fraction and the majority will have. If our positions go to one agreed position , it is possible to continue this process in a healthy manner. If there is a radical difference, then we will discuss the further steps, "- Eka Beselia said.
Eka Beselia also has an initiative to hold a meeting of the majority, which she will be able to attend and ask questions abou confrontation.
Gedevan Popkhadze, associate of Eka Beselia says that he has had very different from the team position in the recent period, which he did not refrain from expressing. Popkhadze calls on the Georgian Dream not to lose contact with the public and disregard the people.
Today in Kachreti, the so called new team of the Georgian Dream held a closed meeting. According to the official information, the future plans were discussed at the extended meeting, but it is likely that Eka Beselia`s exclusion from the party was the main topic.