20 July 2024,   00:29
"Any scheme under this government is a big risk" - opposition about accumulative pension initiative

Georgian Democratic Initiative appealed to the Constitutional Court on accumulative pension.
The civil sector is dissatisfied with the part of the law in which states that the accumulative pension is mandatory . They think that the property of citizens should be taken into consideration, and age discrimination is also unacceptable.The same opinion is shared by the opposition, which considers that compulsory accumulative pensions are actually taxes, but opponents speak of other types of risks.
"Under this government, any system, any scheme is a big risk, since they have repeatedly proved during previous periods that certain amounts can disappear. would like to tell you that this reform does not apply to today"s pensioners, who really need help today and it is possible now to increase the pension for pensioners by GEL 80. Instead, the absurd promises are given about the period after 25 years,, "said Zurab Melikishvili, member of the United National Movement Council.