20 July 2024,   01:16
"We will certainly not accept this remark," - NGO sector responds to accusations

The Civil Sector has once again responded to the accusation of a majority member. The heads of the NGOs talk about clan rulership in the judiciary and call on the Georgian Dream to change the law that ensures the transparent process of selecting judges for life term appointments.
The leaders of non-governmental organizations remind the authorities that they are obliged to indicate mistakes to the government and call on the Georgian Dream not to get involved in the game offered by the Council of Justice.
"It is of principle importance for us that the majority openly state their position on what they are going to do - only discuss the criteria, or even if the criteria are set up they will wait for a new list and will not be consider the list submitted in the Parliament. Parliament itself must not become involved in the game, which offers them the Council of Justice, "- said the chairman of the " Georgian Young Lawyers" Association " Sulkhan Saladze.
Giorgi Gvilava, the manager of the Transparency International Georgia program, says that the Georgian Dream should realize the existing problems and some people should leave the system.
"Of course, we can not accept this remark because every decision that has been received over the past three years has been aimed at strengthening Chinchaladze and his clan system," he says.
Recall that the ruling team accused the NGO sector of intrusion on the platform, which as they said the third sector should not be on . This statement was made by Gia Volsky.