13 July 2024,   19:26
TBC Case - Ombudsman will participate in the process in case of human rights violations

The Public Defender is observing the developments around the TBC Bank but has not started studying the case yet. The statement was made by the Deputy Public Defender. Giorgi Burjanadze says that the ombudsman receives information from media outlets at this time.
According to him, nobody has applied to the Public Defender at this stage.
"Information disseminated in mass media is the main source for us to get proactive information. If any person addresses us and provides specific information, in this case we have two main we will definitely react. We will also react if it is publicly stated that there is the violation of human rights in respect of any particular person. We have not heard such statements yet, "-Giorgi Burjanadze said.
The Chief Prosecutor"s Office launched an investigation against TBC Bank. It is about 17 million GEL, the alleged laundering of which is investigated by the agency.