15 July 2024,   00:09
"There is confirmed suspicion that Kereselidze acquired property with corruption" - Tarkhnishvili on Samgori"s former governor

"This is not the first case when Davit Kereselidze has problems with legislation," Levan Tarkhnishvili, member of "European Georgia", responds to the scandal involving former Gamgebeli of Samgori district Davit Kereselidze.
Tarkhnishvili says that Kereselidze has made million dollars in a year after taking office, which confirms that he is corrupt.
"When he was appointed to the position of the governor it was well known that he had already been charged with threatening. Nevertheless, he was appointed to this position and earned more than one million in a year and this property is now disputed. Consequently, there is doubt and suspicion that he has earned this property with corruption. In general, this is not a single case, but the Georgian Dream"s bureaucracy instead of solving people"s problems is improving its financial position, "- Tarkhnishvili said.
Former Governor of Samgori district Davit Kereselidze is accused of swindle. His relative has filed suit against him.
Ioseb Filiashvili , a relative of former Samgori district governor, applied to the Investigative Office a year ago, when he found out in the House of Justice his land plots had been sold already sold and registered on the name of his uncle. Filiashvili is disputing 6 land plots.Plots whose total value exceeds one million lari, Kereselidze bought with the help pf a suspicious attorney.
By Mayor"s decision, Kereselidze left the post last April.