20 July 2024,   01:19
Noise at Legal Committee - Kukava demands explanations from the ruling team

The noise is at the sitting of the Legal Issues Committee. Kakha Kukava arrived in the legislative body and demanded explanations from the parliamentary majority.He demands a public explanation on the basis of the selection of judges.
"The former head of the committee left the post in order not to let pass the Chinchaladze-Murusidze list, which has a very strong lobby. You take the position of the head of the committee for some time and you know that the whole community, not only, I have questions, can you give the public the answer to two questions, would you personally vote for Chinchaladze and I state here that you can not exclude Chinchaladze from the list based on any criterion you because Chinchaladze did not consider the cases, he was a person supervising the court system and he has not considered any high-profile case. And the second, the position of the broader society, including in the parliamentary majority, is that the Council of Justice which in fact,
is a mafia clan should be dismissed and what is you position as the chair of the Legal Affairs Committee?Do you think that the reform is successful and the Council of Justice is competent , "- Kakha Kukava addressed Matikashvili .
According to Matikashvili, today"s session discussed only technical issues and was not intended for talking about politics.