25 July 2024,   04:26
"Appeasing the Russian Government" - Theologians assess Patriarchate`s position on autocephaly of Ukrainian Church

The time of lustration, who is heading the country to Russia and who to the West - Poti and Khobi Metropolitan assesses the question of the autocephaly of the Church of Ukraine, on which the Patriarchate and the authorities have kept silence for another week.
The Patriarchate has not congratulated the Ukrainian nation on the reception of tomos which the country has been waiting for centuries. Bishop Grigol is not the only bishop who openly expressed his support for the autocephaly of the Church of Ukraine. Theologians consider the silence of the Patriarchate as a confirmation of Russian influence. According to them, the current government is distinguished by pro-Russian sentiments, and the Church is trying to withstand the official Moscow position.
"In the case of the Church and in the case of the authorities, I think this appeasing the Russian government. As I mentioned about the issue, the Patriarch"s side serves the sole purpose of not confronting Moscow"s position, "said theologian Lado Tsitlidze,