25 July 2024,   05:22
Rule of selection of the Supreme Court judges - Ana Dolidze and Nazi Janezashvili appeal to Parliament with initiative

The non-judge members of the Council of Justice appeal to the parliament with an initiative regarding the criteria and procedures of selection of the judges.

The initiative will be formally submitted to the legislative body tomorrow. According to the non-judge members of the Council, Ana Dolidze and Nazi Janezashvili, one of the main issues will be transparency in the selection process.

"This fight will continue tomorrow. We move to a new stage. We will present new procedural changes to the Parliament of Georgia, "said Ana Dolidze.
According to Nazi Janezashvili, in order to prevent an appointment of people with suspicious reputation at the Supreme Court, it is important to announce the competition for selection of judges.

"The proposal includes some of the key aspects. First of all, it is necessary to announce the competition, "Nazi Janezashvili said.

Giorgi Mikautadze, the Secretary of the High Council of Justice of Georgia is going to discuss the issue with the Chairman of Parliament.