18 July 2024,   04:55
Criteria for Selecting Judges of the Supreme Court - Nazi Janezashvili and Ana Dolidze to submit the initiative to the Parliament

Criteria for selection of candidates for the judges of the Supreme Court - non-judge members of the High Council of Justice, Nazi Janezashvili and Ana Dolidze will submit the initiative to the Parliament.
The legislative proposal envisages a more transparent process of selection of candidates.It is about opening of interviews with candidates when interested people will be able to observe the process. The council members say that it will ensure selecton of eligible independent candidates.The initiative will be registered in the legislative body today
."Our project deals with the procedures and changes presented here introduce competition and create a filter mechanism in order to select good candidates for the High Council of Justice.It is important that the procedures will exclude the selection of members of the clan, including Chinchaladze, Griitishvili, Mikautadze and other people whose reputation is questionable, "Nazi Janezashvili said.