20 July 2024,   01:59
"I do not think there are sides in the majority" - Tea Tsulukiani on confrontation

"I do not think that there are parties in the majority," the Minister of Justice responded to the controversy in the ruling party.
The Minister made a statement at a special briefing.According to Tea Tsulukiani, there are no parties in the majority and the MPs have unanimous attitude towards all issues.
According to the minister, all members of the ruling team consider disputable 10- member list of judges and believe that the selection criteria should be agreed on.
"I do not think there are parties in the majority. In the majority, I know one position, which is the position of Ms. Eka, as well as Mr. Irakli, as well as all the MPs who have not made comments on this matter, but I have a collegial conversation with them and in fact, the majority MPs are of the same opinion and are unanimous that this list cannot be voted for because it was hastily drawn up and that the process should move into a positive, healthy and transparent phase, "- said the minister.