25 July 2024,   03:54
The EU considers that the procedure of selecting judges should be trustworthy and transparent - Carl Hartzell

Carl Hartzell, the Head of the EU Delegation to Georgia, responds to the lifetime appointment of judges in the Supreme Court and elaboration of new criteria.
Carl Hartzell draws attention to the transparency and openness of the selection process of judges.According to Carl Hartzell, EU representatives take part in the discussions and advise the Georgian side about the selection procedure of judges.
"The EU has a well-established position regarding the selection of the judges of the Supreme Court and it considers it necessary that the procedure is reliable, transparent and accountable because it concerns the higher level of court. This relates to the reliability of the system and the reforms that are undertaken in this field. We take part in the discussions and offer advice on what should be done to make the procedure better, "said Carl Hartzell.