25 July 2024,   04:56
Second day after tragedy in Didi Digomi - "L Group" imposes responsibility on "KazTransGas"

24 hours after the explosion in Avtandali street the building is still bordered with yellow ribbons.
In parallel with the investigative actions, the residents of the apartment had the opportunity to enter their home for a few minutes.According to the preliminary information, the cause of tragedy in Avtandil 8 number was a gas leak. According to the locals, in the first half of the day they felt a smell of gas and the representatives of "KazTrans-Tbilisi" were called. Employees of the company who came to the spot did not notice anything suspicious and left the area soon. The explosion killing four people happened soon after the company representatives left.
In connection with the incident, the founder of the construction company "L Group" imposes full responsibility on KazTransGas-Tbilisi.
According to Grigol Chanturia, "KazTransGas" finished the installation of natural gas system last year and according to the contract "L Group" paid 78 thousand GEL.
According to one of the versions, the gas leak occurred in one of the locked apartment on the sixth floor of the building where the friend of the apartment owner arrived and opened the door. Apparently, switching of light caused a strong explosion. The wave was so strong that a 34-year-old man dropped out of the sixth floor. His body was found in the yard of the building.
Specialists check the building"s stability in the Avtandili street N 8. According to the initial conclusion, the locals will be able to return to their homes after the completion of rehabilitation works.
Today the employees of the construction company "L Group" and "KazTrans-Tbilisi" staff answered the questions of law enforcers.
The rescue service has begun cleaning of the site of the tragedy. In parallel, the expert-criminalists conduct investigative activities on the spot.
The company "KazTransGas-Tbilisi" commented on the incident 24 hours after the tragedy.