23 July 2024,   19:05
Demonstration at "KazTransGas" - citizens impose responsibility for tragedy on Tbilisi City Hall and gas company

Protest rally is underway at KaztransGas office. The citizens impose responsibility for the tragedy in Didi Digomi on Tbilisi City Hall and Kaztransgas.
According to them, the protest will go on until all the offenders are not punished .
Nika Memanishvili, chairman of the Association of Human Rights Defenders, imposes responsibility on the tragedy in Didi Digomi on different bodies of the City Hall.
"Of course, the responsibility of the City Hall is that such terrible tragedies do not happen and, if necessary, they should intervene at any level to prevent such tragedies. We are going to continue protest because unfortunately the society should be more active because it depends on us what will be changed and what will not be changed, "- said Memanishvili.
A powerful explosion occurred in Didi Dighomi three days ago. Four people were killed and 8 people were injured during the accident.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs launched investigation on the incident and detained two employees of Kaztransgas.
According to the investigative agency, they have not properly fulfilled their obligations.