23 July 2024,   19:17
"The boy has actually vanished" - 23-year-old Georgian sailor is looked for in Libya

23-year-old Georgian sailor in Libya, Davit Razmadze, disappeared on January 7 from the ship "Dogan Beidan" sailing under the Libyan flag. The ship was in the Libyan port. Only one week after the accident, missing sailor"s family was informed.
The disappearance of Davit Razmadze was found out by his Turkish substitute who addressed the local police. Ministry of Internal Affairs and Maritime Police are involved In the case from the Georgian side.
Davit Razmadze started working on Libya"s ship three months ago.
"He was lost on the 7th as the company wrote. First they wrote about it and then called me. I heard the story on January 14. Libyan police intervened, and then I wrote an application at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The boy has actually vanished, they do not know if he is alive or dead. We do not know anything, "-said Nino Labadze, an aunt-in-law of Davit Razmadze.
Maritime Transport Agency of the Ministry of Economy says that the information about the incident was received several days ago. According to Tamar Ioseliani, the head of the agency, the agency is trying to specify details.