25 July 2024,   04:59
Mother of Georgian sailor, who disappeared in Libya appeals to the government

Mother of 23-year-old Georgian sailor, who has disappeared in Libya is asking for help. Nino Tsetskhladze, who currently works in Turkey says that she has the last contact with Davit Razmadze on January 6, the day before his disappearance.

Davit Razmadze told her mother that he was going to return to Georgia in a few days because he could not work anymore.

Nino Tsetskhladze rules out that her son is dead. According to her, the Egyptian consulate sent photos that allegedly her son"s body was found and requested DNM for verification.

Nino Tsetskhladze asks the Georgian government for help

The Georgian sailor disappeared from one of the Libyan ports on January 7.