20 July 2024,   16:03
"Search is a very difficult process"... - Narchemashvili about Jack Shephard"s scandalous case

"Search is a very difficult process" -says Koba Narchemashvili, the member of " Georgian Dream - Social- Democrats" regarding a scandalous case of Jack Shephard, who is wanted by the Interpol.

When asked why the accused was not arrested when he was moving freely in Tbilisi during the last 10 months, the ruling party"s MP says that search is a difficult process. According to Narchemashvili, it is necessary to find out whether this was a cause of negligence of the law enforcers.

"We do not know separate circumstances, specific details about what happened. Was it negligence or violation. So let"s wait for the results. Search is a very difficult process, "Koba Narchemashvili said.