23 July 2024,   17:58
Shortcomings during Presidential Elections and Preparation for 2020 - Round table discussion to be held under the auspices of Rustavi 2

Gaps during Presidential Elections and Preparation for 2020 - NGOs, political parties, diplomats and media gathers around the round table.

The discussion is held under the auspices of "Rustavi 2". Participants will analyze the political consequences of the 2018 elections and consider the recommendations of all stakeholders in order to get ready for the upcoming parliamentary elections of 2020.

About 70 people take part in the round table, although the ruling party will not attend the meeting.

Nika Gvaramia, the Director general of the broadcasting company Rustavi 2 states that the shortcomings and problems of the Presidential Elections 2018 will be discussed . According to Gvaramia"s assessment, it is important to exchange views in such a format.

Mikheil Beridze, The executive director of the International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy speaks about the need to discuss challenges revealed during the presidential election.
According to him ,the negative election campaign revealed during the elections will be discussed at today"s meeting as well in order to avoid such facts in the future.