15 July 2024,   00:09
I hope that before the next meeting the format of the working group will be changed - Kakhidze

"European Georgia" demands the change of the format of the Working Group set up for the selection of judicial candidates of the Supreme Court, - Otar Kakhidze, member of the opposition "European Georgia" party, told reporters adding that if the format is not change, the party will not attend its meetings.

“The "European Georgia" raised the issue of the change of the Working Group format. All the members of the High Council of Justice, as well as the persons included on the 10-member list, are represented here. Levan Murisidze is attending the meeting from the non-governmental sector on behalf of the “Association of Judges”, “ Otar Kakhidze said adding that the "European Georgia" party considers it senseless to discuss any proposals within the current format of the Working Group.

“Therefore, we have the offer to define quotas - representation of judges, judge and non-judge members of the High Council of Justice, Public Defender, Bar Association, NGO sector with more serious groups and political groups... The current group has been set up to show international organizations as if they are implementing reforms, but we see the results of these reforms. So, I have made specific suggestions that were not shared at this meeting. I hope that this format will be changed before the next meeting otherwise we refuse to participate in the meetings of this working group and will continue to lobby our initiatives in parliamentary formats,” MP Otar Kakhidze said..
Tinatin Bokuchava, a member of the National Movement, has left the working group meeting in protest . The meeting is being held against the background of civil protest.