14 July 2024,   23:31
Most NDI respondents point on corruption in the parliament and think that MPs do not take into account their opinion

44% of respondents believe that corruption in the Parliament is widespread.
The researchers of the US National Democratic Institute asked in the frameworks of the survey whether there is or there is not a corruption in the legislative body.
The Results are as follows:
The corruption is Widespread - 44%;
There is no corruption at all - 16%;
I do not know 39%;
I Refuse to answer - 1%.

NDI researchers also asked the respondents to express their opinions about the legislative body. When asked, "Do you agree that the members of the Parliament consider the views of people like you?" Answers were: I agree - 45%;I do not agree - 51%.NDI conducted a survey in December 2018. The average margin of error is 2,1%.