20 July 2024,   17:23
Accident in Tbilisi, seven are dead

A tragic accident in Tbilisi . According to the preliminary information seven people have died of CO-accumulation on Ketevan Tsamebuli Avenue. " Courier" has found out new details.

The apartment where the tragedy took place has been rented for years . According to the Public Registry, 49 square meters of living area belonged to Aleksandr Muradov on Ketevan Tsamebuli Avenue since 2011.

On March 9, 2018, gas supply was suspended to the water heater.

The source tells Courier that Aleksandre Muradov resumed natural gas supply arbitrarily and rent the apartment.

At this moment he is being questioned at Isani Police Department. He had a heart attack recently. Muradov received emergency assistance in the police department.