14 July 2024,   06:27
It was not easy to decide to participate in the competition for Prosecutor General’s position - Irakli Shotadze

The Prosecutor’s Office is listening to the candidate for Prosecutor General’s position, former Prosecutor General Irakli Shotadze. 

The interview with the Prosecutor General’s candidate is broadcasted live on social media.
In his speech Shotadze thanked the Academic Council of Georgian Technical University for nominating him as the Prosecutor General. He said that being a Prosecutor General is a difficult job.

According to Shotadze, the decision to participate in the competition was made after a long consideration.

“I held this position for several years. I left early due to circumstances known to the public. My days were focused on strengthening the Prosecutor’s office on the road to establishing the rule of law in our country. During my time as a Prosecutor General, I was successful. I will talk about the challenges facing the prosecution as well.

It was not easy to decide to participate in the competition. It is difficult to be a prosecutor in general and naturally, it is difficult to be the Prosecutor General”, - said the candidate.

Upon completion of consultations, the Prosecutorial Council shall select at least three candidates in accordance with the criteria established by law, at least one third of which shall be of a different gender.