20 July 2024,   16:01
Opposition and Georgian Dream – attempts to compromise on the electoral system

At the residence of Carl Harzell, the Ambassador of the European Union to Georgia, a meeting between the representatives of the ruling party, the opposition and the diplomatic corps accredited to Georgia was held.

The main topic was the same – parliamentary elections 2020 and the compromise on electoral system.

Giorgi Vashadze, one of the leaders of the opposition, said that today the Georgian Dream offered a 110/40 electoral system to the opposition for 2020 elections.

Irakli Kobakhidze, one of the leaders of the parliamentary majority, denied Vashadze’s words.

Giorgi Vashadze - The governmental offered a 110/40 electoral system

“The authorities named a new model - 110/40. I would like to reiterate that we will agree in case of two components: to refuse political revenge and, most importantly, to take proportionate aspirations into consideration. It means that those, who have less than 40% of support should not be able to form a majority independently. The 110/40 system fails to pass this test. Therefore, we cannot agree with this. However, there are some additional components that are being discussed now. Let"s wait and see what else they have to say. No one agrees the 110/40 proportion. The main message from the diplomats was that due to the ruling party, Georgia faces the threat of an international isolation”, - said Giorgi Vashadze.


Irakli Kobakhidze denies offering opposition 110/40 electoral system from ruling party

“We discussed various topical issues related to political processes. There were questions regarding the electoral system. As for the information as if we offered 110/40 model to the opposition, this is inaccurate information. Today’s meeting was not held in the format of negotiations and naturally, we just discussed various issues related to the electoral system, but did not offer anything. We discussed various aspects, but have not suggested 110/40 model”, - said Irakli Kobakhidze.

Elizabeth Rood - The dialogue was constructive

“I participated in an informal gathering. Together with the politicians we discussed political issues. I would like to say that the conversation was constructive and left the impression that this will be reflected in the coming days”, - said Elizabeth, the Deputy Chief of the US Mission.

Archil Talakvadze - There will be a dialogue with opposition soon

"Dialogue with the opposition regarding the electoral system will take place very soon. There is readiness from all sides to agree on the main principles regarding the electoral system. This meeting is a step forward in bringing our key issues together. I will not speak about the details today, but I promise to share the information as soon as the dialogue date is set”, - said the Speaker of the Parliament.