08 December 2021,   05:54
77 facts of breaching state emergency regulations exposed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs

As a result of strict monitoring activities carried out by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 77 facts of breaching the state emergency regulations and curfew were exposed across the country within the last 24 hours.

Law enforcers fined 66 civilians during the nationwide curfew, between 09:00 pm of May 6 and 06:00 am of May 7 for breaching the curfew regulations.

In addition to the mentioned, 7 civilians were fined for public gathering of more than 3 people and violation of the two-meter social distancing rule.

Police along with the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) actively continues to strictly monitor those in self-isolation as a result of which 1 fact of breaching the terms of self-isolation were exposed.

3 persons were also fined for violating rules of transporting the passengers and movement by car.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs calls on citizens to obey restrictions imposed within the frames of the declared state of emergency, otherwise, the measures provided by law will be applied.

All persons on the territory of Georgia must follow requirements of the Georgian legislation on public health.

The violation of the emergency regime will result in administrative responsibility - physical persons will be fined with 3000 GEL, while legal entities will be obliged to pay fine in the amount of 15 000 GEL.