27 November 2020,   12:10
5 people detained during incident in Gldani polling station

The Head of the Patrol Police Department arrived at the polling station in Gldani, where the supporters of the UNM and the Georgian Dream confronted each other verbally and physically.

According to Vazha Siradze, 5 people detained on charges of disobedience to police request and petty hooliganism.

“There was conflict between the parties. We arrested 5 individuals for disobeying the police request and petty hooliganism. As for the fact that there are weapons at the polling station, if this is proved, we will definitely react quickly”, - said Siradze.

Clashes occurred near the 179th polling station in the Gldani district of Tbilisi. Several dozen activists of the National Movement and the Georgian Dream were involved in the confrontation.

Representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are mobilized at polling stations.