26 July 2021,   23:29
Police solved the case of wounding in Tbilisi - 1 person detained

The officers of Old Tbilisi Division of Tbilisi Police Department under the Ministry of Internal Affairs detained T.M. (DoB 2001) as a result of immediate operative-investigative activities. T.M. was arrested in Tbilisi for the attempted premeditated murder under aggravating circumstances.

The committed crime envisages from 16 to 20 years or lifetime imprisonment.

The investigation established that on June 21 of the current year, on the basis of conflict which took place on Kote Meskhi Street, Tbilisi, the accused person Ibeing in an unsober state) wounded his acquaintances - M.M. (DoB2001) and G.O.(DoB 2001) who were also in an unsober condition, with a cold steel and fled from the crime scene.

The injured men were transferred to the hospital by the ambulance crew, where they were provided appropriate medical assistance. The health condition of one of the wounded persons is critical at the moment.

Law enforcers, as a result of immediate operative and investigative activities arrested the accused person several hours after the incident.

Police seized a weapon of crime - a knife as evidence.

The fact of attempted premeditated murder committed under aggravating circumstances against two or more persons is being investigated under article 19-109, Part II, Subparagraph "A" envisaged by the Criminal Code of Georgia.